Are you qualified to date rich men ?

  1. Do you have a stable job or business making 30,000 or more
  2. do you have your own place
  3. do you have your own vehicle

A few years ago during the recession I only had one out of the three on this list. Then I  job paid, paid off my vehicle then, then I met a generous guy in the parking lot at work and he helped me find a 2/2 Condo for $700 a month. After that he also help me clean up my credit and helped me purchase a condo.

Having  A job a car and your own place will put you at in advantage as far as having  affluent men court and spoil you.  When a guy has money he is usually secretly qualifying a woman oh where do you work oh where do you live oh where did you go to school.  All of these things tell a man a lot .

And depending on a woman’s age it can determine how you will be treated. If you only have one or two things out of this list make it a top priority to have all 3 and have them all in your OWN name. It will advance your progress and enable you to meet even more men.




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