Confusing courtship phase as having a Sugar Daddy

It’s so easy to confuse a courtship phase with a man as having a “sugar daddy”. A lot of times the first year or two with a man can be the most awesome experience. You go out on fabulous dates, he always wants to take care of everything for you, he takes you shopping for no reason, you always stay at the best hotels…

Then one day it stops.  This means he’s got you and the courtship is now over.  He figures he has spent a naff and now that he has got you he didn’t have to spend anymore.

A lot of women confuse the courtship phase as a sugar daddy what really just happened is that a man did whatever it took and spent whatever he needed to to lock you in.

You may find out that this courtship was financed through credit cards Or that he might have missed some child support payments to find his whirlwind love affair.

I have seen this happen and it is very real… I’m not trying to be negative but please be aware of this phase when first starting out with a man and don’t fall into the sugar daddy fantasy… What goes up must come down please keep that in mind.  The honeymoon doesn’t last forever.

Would you still be into this guy even if you couldn’t do all those awesome things ?  If not then I suggest you break off the relationship early before it gets harder to separate later.

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