How to travel with points or catch an empty leg…

Traveling on a budget

There was a time when I didn’t have good credit… My boyfriend helped my credit go from a 513 to a 713 in less than a year since he owned his own business… Mind you I had to re-build it myself but I was able to do it through him.

The one card I use for all of my purchases is my Delta AMEX Gold card which gives me points for purchases.

If you are low on cash I recommend getting a credit card with sign on BONUS miles. I recently flew my little brother out to Florida from California for $11.20 (tax) round trip. Since I didn’t have to spend on airfare we played Aqua Golf in Hallandale, drove go-karts at X-Treme, shot high powered guns at Nexus, ate out EVERY night and I made sure he was sent back to the airport in a private car and I tipped the driver $30 to take the scenic route.

We had a blast !

When booking your flight try to fly out on a week day from 5am – 9am when business men travel. The earlier you leave the better… And if you get a AMEX Gold or Reserve Card you can use it to hang out in the AMEX sky lounge. AMEX sky lounge in JFK New York has private showers… How crazy is that ?

It also doesn’t hurt to arrive early in a private car, make sure your make up is on BEFORE you arrive at the airport. You never know who you might run into. AND trust me – the day you are looking a hot mess is the day you will run into the man of your dreams.

Stay ready and you never have to get ready.

Also too if you are into having a driver, be sure to use the same company every time and please know that a lot of times drivers will arrive early as a courtesy.

The company I use keeps a profile on me and knows which cars I like in my fleet. One time they sent a luxury Camry to pick me up… CAMRY ? I could of paid my Grandma $100 to pick me up. I let them know I was disappointed and they upgraded me the next time.

The awesome part of the limo company I use is that they send me a photo text of the driver that will be driving me which makes me feel safer than using Uber.

Traveling without a budget

Empty Leg Flights – First Class – Friends with Planes – Oshkosh Air Show

Traveling without a budget If you are a high earning woman then congratulations here are some fantastic way to meet other men if money is not a problem. Empty leg flights are a great way to catch a private flight basically an empty leg flight is when a private plane drops somebody off in New York but then they have to pick up another person would say from California. Instead of flying back with an empty flight they might as well fill it with a person so the person can help pay for gas. Usually you can’t find him do you like flight flying from popular destinations like Florida to New York. Or from New York to London. They have a website with memberships that also cut down on the cost of private flying. Another way is if you know somebody that knows somebody that owns a plane. I knew of a couple that both had their private pilot license is and kept a small plane in their barn in the Midwest and would fly all around the U.S. Sometimes if there was room they would have friends with them on their plane. Every year they would fly to Oshkosh air show which is a haven for other plane owners enthusiasts and pilot etc. If you are looking to make friends or find men in the plane game then you should head to the Oshkosh air show. The second option is to fly first class which is also cheaper and will enable you to be around other men that you are trying to date. If you own a business try to rack up miles on your business air card. You most definitely will meet men in first class and they are automatically interested if you are flying alone in first class. You will be a around men from the time you are waiting to board early to when you are seated in your seat. Not to sound mean but you should see the faces on men when they see a hot female in first class but they opted for economy. If you have never flown in first class you should know that you do not need any type of neck rests because the seats in first class are plush. I remember my first time in first class what a blunder. But the first class stewardess was really cool and knew my name which I thought was impressive. She kept asking me if I would like more wine or coffee it was the best flight of all time. I remember just flying through the clouds and saying to myself that I need to try harder in life because I enjoy this. You should travel extra light as if you are a seasoned traveler. Men can tell if you do not travel a lot. It also helps if you carry a Wall Street Journal newspaper because it is an instant conversational starter. A newspaper is better than a magazine because it says that you have a brain and that you’re not some Prada bag seeking bimbo. If you top it off by having a driver pick you up then you most definitely will put yourself in a different bracket from the other women.

Wealthy Playgrounds

Certain destinations come and go as hotspots for those in higher income brackets… Some will always be hot spots. Colorado – Aspen, Vail, Park City, Utah, Jackson Hole – Wyoming, BVI – British Virgin Islands, Grand Prix, Monte Carlo, Miami, San Francisco, Manhattan, Hamptons, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, DC – Washington, BH – Beverly Hills, Bal Harbour…

There are many more. When planning a business trip try to get to any of these destinations early to squeeze in time for pleasure.

If possible instead of flying in on a Thursday see if you can fly in on a Wednesday and fly back on a Sunday night that way you have the weekend to enjoy a new city. If your company only pays for the 3 days pay out of pocket for 2 more. This is an economical way to meet other men, and they will open up more when you let them know you are there for business.

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