How wealthy men afford a fleet of vehicles

Most wealthy business owners use their vehicles as write offs. So even though your new man may drive a big body Benz, chances are it’s a write-off if he owns his own business and it’s his daily work driver.


*If you work for him you can probably get him to lease you a car and it would be a write off for him. Every three years you can upgrade your car.

*That means more $$$ to spend on you if his car is a write off.


*The car will be in his name and he can take it back whenever if he leases as a company car.

*He can put a tracker in it and know your every move if he is psycho

*Sometimes if a guy gets you a car and its in his name it puts too much power in his hands

*If he is a young guy and he works for his Dad then it’s Daddies money that’s paying for that vehicle



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