Rich men don’t want to date a Princess – They want to turn you into a Queen

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Some men get turned off by the whole Princess act when they are first meeting you. They might put up with it at the start to get you into the bedroom then drop you like a bad habit when they have had their fun. Here in South Florida every wannabe model, bottle girl / remotely attractive woman has a attitude of entitlement so cool it with the Princess act until you know for sure that is his thing.

A lot of older men complain about the Jewish American Princess types typically found in Boca Raton. They drive a BMW have an LV bag expect the best while giving nothing but their presence in return… This is how men have described these types to me… (I’m just the messenger)

Some men view you as spoiled goods if they know that many men before have given you everything you want. Sometimes they feel like “I can’t compete with the guy before me” or if he has an ego it will be “Let me try to outdo the last guy then I will be THE MAN”.

Give a guy a chance to get attached and spoil you before running your Princess game.

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