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Alpha Sports

Triathlon – FrogRun – SavageRace – IRON MAN

A LOT of training, time and money is involved in getting ready for a triathlon / IRON Man events / obstacle races. This is the BEST place to find high achieving men in their 30’s – 40’s. MAJOR plus if you are also competing in one of these events and you will earn extra points with the man you are pursuing.

If you want to be where the men are but don’t want to compete – become a volunteer…

Racquet ball club – Racquet ball at local gym

If you live in affluent neighborhood try to join a Racquet ball club or get a membership at an PRIVATE upscale gym like EQUINOX vs. LA FITNESS…

You will find different men at different times at the gym… In my personal experience the only men worth going for USUALLY like to come in at OFF PEAK gym times like 6am or as soon as they open on a Saturday or Sunday.

Racquetball is low cost entry – all you need are tennis shoes, balls, racket and a bag and you’re good to go… A membership will cost you the most… And remember at a lot of clubs you can pause your membership for a month or two.

Boot Camp Workout / CrossFit

A lot of high earning Alpha’s might work in un-fun environments and crave excitement intensity and excitement when not at work… If you can stand it Boot Camp / CrossFit is the place to find some of these men in the 20 – 30 something bracket.

Spinning class

If you don’t mind sweating it out then spinning class is a GREAT place to find Alpha’s… It’s also very entertaining to get to watch your dream man in action for 40 plus minutes… (this way you know he has strength and stamina)

Arrive early and if you are really bold and can keep up, make sure you choose a bike in the front of the class so he can stare at you sweating in spandex. The visual’s will run through his mind when he is taking a cold shower, this will put you in a better position if you see him the next week.

Walking trails This is just my observation but I have noticed that highly accomplished or wealthy people tend to go on walking trails when they have suffered a major defeat. Hillary Clinton went on a hike in New York and I know of several others that went on a hike as a way to reflect and cleanse the mind I suppose.

I guess it gives them time to process things and get away.

Walking trails also forms character and it’s just an experience in it self you will find lots of driven men out on trails.

I’m not so sure how good of an idea it is to go by yourself.

Perhaps you can take a cute friend or a gay male with you.

Golf class Golf classes are a great place to find man if you have a corporate job this will make connecting with men much easier. When you tell them where you work they will instantly become more comfortable and not see you as a female trolling for men. If you have never played golf before it is a good idea to be trained first so you don’t have to learn to undo mistakes. You can pick up a driver and start driving at the driving range. Once you go from there you can get lessons and then take it to the course. It helps if you have a male friend that will let you borrow his club first so you know which clubs you like for driving. The driving range is a excellent place to find man and it is fairly inexpensive because all you might need is your one driver, And a $8.00 basket of balls. Man will warm up to you if they see that your swing is legit. Also to if you are going for the first time do not wear a push-up bra I tried to wear a push-up bra and it was so embarrassing having my boobs all squeezed up in the way when I was trying to seriously hit the ball. If you are 5’9 or taller I think you would have an easier time hitting the ball. I am 56 and it took me a few days to get a good swing meanwhile my two brothers that are 6 feet tall we’re hitting the ball within 20 minutes. If you are not doing well at the driving range do not get discouraged. Try a different driver set the ball low, set the bal higher find out what works once you hit it the ball you will feel like Tiger Woods winning the Masters. The day I learned to hit the golf ball was the day I started driving into work feeling so accomplished. Horseback riding There is something ridiculously hot about a female riding a horse. When going horseback riding be sure to wear something comfortable you can’t show up in heels. You may find men in certain places like Texas, Jackson hole Wyoming or somewhere in the mid west. Take a few classes so you can get up and off a horse easily that way if you ever meet a man that is into horses you can say that you have done it before. When you have a wide range of experience and skills it will put you ahead of other women. If you have never rode a horse don’t be scared and I am not talking about in a sexual way – be open to new experiences. Prior to the 2016 election my boyfriend wanted for us both to go to a concealed weapons class. I grew up in California and a democratic household and was always taught that guns are bad and my mother never let me have a toy gun as a child. In California all you hear about is gun violence and how it has destroyed peoples lives. My boyfriend however I grew up in the Mid West Ina republican type household where hunting is normal and guns were seen as something for sportsmanship and were kept in a mammoth safe. I said yes to the concealed weapons class and was scared as hell pulling the trigger for the first time but it was so cool to see the bullet holes after I was done with target practice. We had to shoot 25 round I ended up getting 17 out of 25 on the paper. Not only that I learned a whole lot about gun laws and the responsibility that comes with gun ownership. It change my view of guns I now know both sides of what being a gun owner can mean. Gun range There was a time when I was adamantly against guns I am not here to change your perspective on guns I’m just trying to let you know about my experience. Before even going to the gun range I made sure to educate myself from YouTube with the proper gun range etiquette. Besides my experience I just wanted to let you know that middle-age white men that have a lot of money probably own guns – for protection and possibly hunting. And where do all these men hang out? They hang out at the gun range. There are fire fighters, police officers, ex-military, lawyers, doctors, CEOs, prominent business owners, actors, stock brokers etc. all at the gun range. Ammunition is not cheap and neither are good guns that don’t jam. In some states they have multimillion dollar state of the art facilities that look like something out of a Grand theft auto video game. Out here in Florida they had this place called Nexus where you can shoot video game balloon targets with a real gun.

They also have these computer generated analytics that will tell you how accurate you are. Most times there is a waiting list just to get your own shooting bay.

When you drive into a parking lot it looks like A luxury car dealership. I find it funny that all types of women troll bars when all the wealthy men are gathered at places where wealthy men like to play such as the gun range.

A hot female at a gun range that can shoot well – will get more shine than another random hot girl in a club.

If you are a middle aged female and you are not having good luck with men on the golf course then head to the gun range. I know somebody that spent $60,000 to go pheasant, duck and geese hunting in Austria. Pedigreed women from the south also take up clay shooting as a hobby. A wealthy man will find a deep connection and interest in a woman that has the same hobbies as him. You will find all types of men at the gun range –  my boyfriend went to a gun range with a pastor of a prominent church here in South Florida. He told me the Pastor was shooting targets 30 feet away like it was nothing. A lot of times you won’t even know a guy is into guns because sometimes it is a taboo topic and some people freak out if you tell them you are going to the gun range. Women are also increasingly taking up the sport. Even if you do not plan on owning a gun you can rent one and there is nothing wrong about learning about gun laws because it will make you more knowledgeable in the long run. When going to the gun range you will need earmuffs, ammo, gun rental. Sometimes at some ranges you may have to purchase the ammo they have there and you cannot bring in your own ammo and you cannot bring in a loaded gun.

Alpha’s do come in different shapes and sizes. When I used to live on Billionaires row in my twenties I knew this overweight yacht broker that inherited his parent’s home by the intracoastal. He was unmarried without children and boy did he have some toys… I would often ride my bike throughout the neighborhood and sometimes he would pass me and wave to me.

It would be the weirdest thing because he had to be 230 pounds or more… One time I caught up with him and he told me that his bike was solar powered and it could go 30 miles per hour without him having to peddle… He said he liked the bike because he could travel far without having to work so hard…

rock climbing,

beach volleyball – beware of ex-model beach bum types

surfing – A lot of CEO’s like to surf. They are hard to spot in surfer gear.

Yoga class- meditation class,

running club – Entrepreneurs haven

bicycling club,

mountain biking trails,

corporate runs – Are great because you know he has a job. Results show up in google.

scuba diving

Make sure your kids play Lacrosse. My high school in Georgia had the top lacrosse team. If you are looking for affluent Dad’s to mingle with then Lacrosse is it. It is also a great way for your kids to get a scholarship as it is less competitive than football or basketball.

Dog park

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