“You can live with me” – What this means for you

When a guy says that you can live with him to me that is a loaded statement. I’m not here to judge and I know every situation is different but there are some questions to ask I have listed them below.

  • How long  have you known him ?
  •  Have you met his family ?
  • Do you have friends in the area in case things go south ?
  •  Do you have a stable job ?
  • do you have your own place as well?
  •  Does he have kids ?
  •  Why does he want you to live with him?
  •  Can you afford a place on your own ?
  •  Do you have your own car ?
  •  Is this a temporary situation ?
  • Are you in school or working towards a goal ?
  •  Are you on birth control ?
  • have you ever lived with another man before how did it go?

I know that has a female sometimes things happen and you have to do what you have to do.  If you feel like moving in with a guy is  something you  need to do BE SURE to have a back up for EVERYHING.

Cash, friends to stay with , a job, your own car that you own or is in your name and even your own place on reserve.

Sometimes men play the first date trick where all you have seen are his good traits and then when you move in with them you see all the stuff they didn’t want you to see…

What if you he said he made 100k a year. After living with him you find out he only makes about $50k after tax and wants you to help with he bills now that you are living with him.

Personal Story – I dated a investment banker when I first moved to south Florida and he live in a $4.3 million condo. One day while he was in the shower I saw his mortgage payment and it was $15,000 a month. But you would swear that it was paid in full all-cash and that everything is great.

The moral of the story is to have your own thing going because a lot of times you have no idea what’s going on with the man you are dating. Men will do and say whatever to get what they want especially women.

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